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 Product Name : Classic Power Series
 Product Description :

Model Power  (VA) Secondary BiasTap  (VAC) Sec / Filament (VAC) Recommended  Tube Application Data  Sheet
(Volt RMS) DC(mA) #1  #2 #3 #4
PTC-101 80W 400-330-0-330-400V 250mA 50V 6.3V@2.0A 5.0V@3.0A 2.5-0-2.5V@3.0A 300B,2A3  
PTC-102 80W 400-0-400V 250mA 50V 6.3V@2.0A 5.0V@3.0A 5.0V@3.0A 5.0V@3.0A 300B  
PTC-103 62W 300-0-300 250mA 50V 6.3V@2.0A 5.0V@3.0A 2.5V@3.0A 2.5V@3.0A 2A3  
PTC-104 55W 220-180-0-180-220V 150mA 50V 5.0V@3.0A 0-6.3V-10@3.0A - - 6SN7,12AX7 Pre  
PTC-105 105W 0-300-420V 450mA 50V 35V@50mA 12.6V@2.0A KT88, 6550C, EL34  
PTC-106 32W 100-0-100V 100mA - 5.0V@2.0A - - -    
PTC-107 40W 125-0-125V 100mA - 6.3V@2.0A - - -    
PTC-108 38W 150-0-150V 75mA - 6.3V@2.0A - - -    
PTC-109 116W 180-0-180V 250mA - 5.0VCT@3.0A - - -    
PTC-110 43W 190-0-190V 65mA - 6.3V@2.5A - - -    
PTC-111 48W 225-0-225V 65mA - 6.3V@2.5A - - -    
PTC-112 41W 240-0-240V 40mA - 6.3V@1.5A 5.0V@2.0A - -    
PTC-113 42W 240-0-240V 50mA - 6.3V@2.5A - - -    
PTC-114 50W 250-0-250V 60mA - 6.3V@2.5A - - -    
PTC-115 65W 260-0-260V 70mA - 6.3V@2.5A 5.0V@2.0A - -    
PTC-116 76W 260-0-260V 90mA - 6.3V@3.5A 6.3V@2.0A 6.3V@2.0A -    
PTC-117 53W 275-0-275V 50mA - 6.3V@2.0A 5.0V@2.0A - -    
PTC-118 59W 275-0-275V 65mA - 6.3V@0.6A 6.3V@2.0A - -    
PTC-119 176W 275-0-275V 200mA - 6.3VCT@6A 5.0VCT@3A - -    
PTC-120 63W 280-0-280V 60mA - 6.3V@2.0A 5.0V@2.0A - -    
PTC-121 159W 325-0-325V 150mA - 6.3VCT@5.0A 5.0V@3.0A - -    
PTC-122 101W 350-0-350V 90mA - 6.3VCT@3A 5.0V@2.0A -      
PTC-123 138W 375-0-375V 110mA - 6.3VCT@5.0A 5.0V@3.0A -      
PTC-124 167W 400-0-400V 135mA - 6.3VCT@5.0A 5.0V@3.0A -      
PTC-125 186W 425-0-425V 150mA - 6.3VCT@5.0A 5.0V@3.0A -      
PTC-126 273W 500-0-500V 200mA - 6.3VCT@6A 5.0VCT@3A -      


• Universal Primary: 100, 110, 120, 200, 220, 240VAC, 50/60 Hz;
• H.V. DC current measured with wave C.T. rectifier and capacitor input filter;
• Concentric wound windings for low stray field and low noise;
• Includes bias tap (50 VAC) from high voltage C.T.;
• Enclosed, 4 hole chassis mount / End Bell mount as required;
• Minimum 6" long leads;
• Class A insulation (105°C);
• Hi-Pot test of 2,000V RMS;
• Conservative design - CSA certified (#LR3902);
• OEM welcomed - built to your specifications;

CAUTION! The voltages in your amplifier can be dangerous. Transformers and chokes are not user serviceable parts. Installation of these components should always be performed by an experienced technician. The simple ability to use a soldering iron is not enough to qualify a "do it yourself person." Those who are inexperienced in working with electronic circuits should never attempt to service their amplifier. Household line currents can be deadly!! Transformers, chokes and large filter capacitors can store a dangerous charge for several days or more after the amplifier has been unplugged. Never touch the terminals of such devices without being certain of their charge status. Risk of shock and damage to equipment may result from mishandling and/or improper use of these components. Please use common sense and always think safety first. After all, tone is most enjoyed when you are alive to hear it.

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