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 Product Name : MA-2808A
 Product Description :

Matched pair power tubes and output transformers;
Deliver up to 12watts AMS (loud enough for tube amplifiers);
3 Inputs sources(selectable RCA connections);


             INPUT IMPEDANCE:      100Kohm (RCA)
         OUTPUT IMPEDANCE:     4 ohm & 8 ohm
                 OUTPUT POWER:      12W CLASS AB P-P 
              DAMPING FACTOR:       >3
                                      T.H.D.:     <1%  20Hz-20KHz (REF. OUTPUT)
                           TOTAL GAIN:      28dB
             INPUT SENSITIVITY:    300mV-600mV
                                          S/N:      >89dB  (HUM NOISE <3mV)
          CHANNEL BALANCE:      <1dB  20Hz-20KHz  (MAX.  VOLUME)
    CHANNEL SEPARATION:    >65dB  20Hz-20KHz
         TUBE  COMPLEMENT:     4P1S x 4, 6N1 x 2, 5Z2P x 1
                     POWER INPUT:      Universal available as requested

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