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 Product Name : MA30C Combo
 Product Description :
The MA30C features a tube-powered reverb that’s very useful and produces a lot of different


sounds depending on the EQ setup. An extra mid tone knob on the hot channel works in conjunction

with the 3-band EQ on the clean side and really adds a lot of body. The amp feature 11-ply

plywood construction and 16-gauge spot-welded chassis, so it should be able to withstand daily roadwork.















  • All-tube circuitry design
  • 2 channels (bright and normal)
  • Tube-powered reverb tank shared by both channels;
  • Standby switch
  • Shared 2 special EQ
  • Level control on channel 2
  • Dual 4-ohm, dual 8-ohm, and 16-ohm speaker outs
  • 12AX7 preamp tubes with DC powered filaments
  • Footswitchable channel selection and reverb (footswitch not included)
  • 16-gauge bent and spot-welded chassis
  • Cabinet: 11-ply plywood cab construction, Dual 12" Celestion speakers
  • 30W Class AB (pentode)
  • Matched JJ 6L6GC power tubes
  • Tube rectifier 5AR4
  • Mid control for channel 2

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