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MinavaAudio - Decibel Cares

As a traditional company located in Shenzhen, MinavaAudio Co.,Limited is devoted to design and manufacture of quality valve amplification and various hi fidelity equipments. We follow the idea of utilizing innovative techniques and advanced technology to build reliable and affordable high fidelity audio products, bringing more spiritual satisfaction and enjoyment to the users.

MinavaAudio now has a broad products line that includes home theater amplifiers, integrated tube amplifiers, headphone amplifiers, preamplifiers, monoblock power amplifiers, hi-fi speakers, CD players, digital to analog convertor, etc...




The company sincerely hopes to have good communication with audiophile, audio company, dealers and media to promote the development of audio technology.

Our products are reputed for their aesthetic design and superb sound quality but are priced very competitively.

The combination of the vintage circuit structure and the ingenious workmanship is the key of our successful products.


Minava:  Low cost samples, quick turnaround, built to your specifiction.

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